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For the Spring 2024 Season Melrose Youth Soccer will be doing a pilot season of a High School Age Program.  We haven't run this program in a few years due to lack of interest but we think there might be enough interest to run it again now.  Teams will play in Middlesex Youth Soccer's High School Age Program against other cities and towns similar to how the travel program works.  However there are some key differences:

  • The High School Age Program is exclusively competitive.  Middlesex offers only the top two divisions, D1 and D2.  In the past, we have tried to field a team of less competitive players but the compete level has been too strong in the league which resulted in poor experiences for all involved.  That means that unlike the Travel Program, this High School Age Program will not have space for kids of any ability.  Registration does not guarantee a spot on a team. 
  • Roster sizes will likely be large, in the range of 18 to 22 players, to accommodate busy high school age players' schedules.  Coupled with our expectations of a relatively low number of registrants, we won't be as flexible in reducing or increasing the number of teams to accommodate any number of registrants.  Put another way, we can't field half of a team. And therefore, we may end up excluding players based on team size.  Again, registration does not guarantee a spot on a team. 
  • After registration closes, we will figure out what teams can be assembled based on the registrations.  We may have multiple teams for both girls and boys in both the Grade 9 & 10 grouping and the Grades 11 & 12 grouping or we may find we can only field one girls team and no boys team at all.  It will entirely depend on the registrations we receive.  Although the software may call this period a "tryout", we won't actually be doing tryouts - it's just our way of collecting registrations without requiring payment before we know which players can be assigned to teams.  One more time, registration does not guarantee a spot on a team.
  • Even though we will be striving to get the placement correct, with a limited number of teams in the High School Age Program in Middlesex, there's a reasonable chance of some lopsided games. 
  • Games will be on Sundays from April - June.  Since club teams usually also play on Sundays, this High School Age Program is probably not a good fit for players who are otherwise committed to club play on Sundays. 
  • Games are not played in the traditional Home/Away model.  We may find that many of our games are "away" at other fields even if our team may be considered the "home" team.  The teams go to the fields where the refs are rather than bringing the refs to each town.
  • At this time we aren't expecting any practices but depending on space and coach availability, that may change.
  • Players who are 18 years of age must complete the adult approval process in the same way as our adult volunteers do.  If the player is 18 prior to the season start, they will need to complete that approval process before the season.  If the player turns 18 during the season, they will need to complete that approval process when they turn 18 and cannot continue playing until they have completed it. 
  • Registration for the High School Age Program will close on January 15 and teams will be determined before the end of January. 

Some things remain the same as our other programs:

  • Melrose Youth Soccer is an all-volunteer organization and the High School Age Program is no exception - so we appreciate any adults who are interested in volunteering to coach or help out.
  • Uniforms will be supplied. 
  • The cost is $140, though as described above, the fee isn't due until team placement.  And as usual, financial assistance is available if needed by contacting [email protected] with parent name, player name, and player grade. 
For any questions about the high school program overall, please contact [email protected]

High School Age Program Registration

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Melrose Youth Soccer

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